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Paving stone and poured concrete patios are gorgeous and functional. They are a great no-maintenance way to spruce up the back yard and increase property value. Choose any style and color of concrete or stone you want. Stamped concrete is perfect for those who like the rugged uneven look and paving stones will appeal to those who like straight or consistent patterns. Either way the result is beautiful and will last a long time. Consider adding a matching paving stone or poured concrete pathway that winds around the garden. Your backyard will truly be your sanctuary!

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Precast Flagstone


Precast flagstones comes in different colors and uses a glue based sand to seal all the joints. This type of sand will not wash away when hosing down your patio but once moistened you can still remove stones if damaged. Precast flagstones lay evenly like a poured concrete patio not like natural flagstone that can be uneven once layed.
Paving Stone Staircase

Paving Stones


Paving stones come in all shapes, sizes and colors so there is a great selection to choose from. You can even use the paving stones to build staircases along the side of the house if you have a sloping yard. All of our patios get a venier clear coat to bring out the rich color of the pavers.
Poured Concrete Contractor

Poured Concrete


Poured concrete comes in different styles including brushed which is like most driveways, aggregate which gives you a pebble look and stamped concrete which has many styles and colors. We pour all of our patios and pathways with at least 4" of concrete no matter which product you wish to use.

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